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Life as a journey, adventure, exploration, and experiment in ever-expanding experience...
Entering the University of Life with Beginner's Mind...
1 + 3 = 13: The Iteration of Creation and Its Practical Application in Human Affairs
However promising the experiment, treatment, or way may be, when entering new territory follow the first dictum of new medicine: Start Low and Go Slow
Keeping the Glass at Least Half-Full with Intention, Affirmation, Action, and Gratitude
Tattoos to Text: Showing and Telling Your Personal History and Philosophy through Images, Symbols, and Words
 Where Analysis Divides, Synthesis Joins: Epistemology, Dual-Brain Psychology, and the Cosmic Dialectic 
When Pharmacy was Alchemy
Is Modern Technique Expanding of Limiting the Growth of Your Soul
Cannabis Fitness Coaching