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Foundations of Cannabis Fitness: A Study in Epistemology from Fact to Theory
Materializing the Graphic Novel: From Script to Final Product

Turning Philosophy into Play: A Study in Raphael's "Academy"

Making Your Own Movie: A Taste of The Hero's Journey
Cinema Italiano: Neorealism and Beyond, from Rossellini to Fellini
Saturday September 12th & 26th @ 8:00 pm
​Autumn is on the horizon...and school is now in session.

Let's begin by asking the question, what's this "movie school" all about, and how does it use movies as the primary means to learning? 

While I've written thousands of words to answer this question both on this site as well as in my Master's thesis, the cold truth remains, all the words on the web and elsewhere can never fully explain how this method of instruction, which I call cinema-based education, actually works.
Manitou Movie School has a variety of unique cinema-based courses and film clubs in the works. Listed below is a preview of courses to come. To learn more about our assignment-free clubs, including how to start one of your own, click here.
The Stop Motion Animation of Ray Harryhausen
Whether you're a fan of Italian culture and history, a student with international tastes, or a dedicated cinephile with a passion for the classics, this course is sure to entertain and edify.  Here we begin with the most important films of Italian neorealism directed by Rossellini, De Sica, and Visconti, and end with the more surrealistic works of Federico we'll throw in some Antonioni as well...
So, in order to put words into action, or theory into practice, we're beginning the school year with a little demonstration, a challenge if you will, using Richard Linklater's 2001 film Waking Life... 
Much as I can appreciate and love movies of all types, I have to admit, I am foremost a space freak and science-fiction-fantasy geek. So it's only natural I would want to create an entire curriculum centered around this broad category of filmic exploration. 

This comprehensive survey of the extensive work of stop-motion animation legend and "special effects titan" Ray Harryhausen is the the first step in that direction...
History of the Sixties on Film

Big History on the Big Screen

A Twentieth Century Documentary Potpourri

A History of Humanity in the Movie 
In short, this cannabis course intends to be an ongoing interdisciplinary survey of the many realms of cannabis knowledge and research. The course is based on the branch of philosophical inquiry known as epistemology; that is, what do we know and how do we come to know it? In asking this basic question regarding cannabis, we not only find our current body of cannabis knowledge quickly growing and morphing, but it is doing so at the most personal and democratic levels...