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NDBS 139   The Great Western Frontier: In Fiction, In Fact, In Myth

NDBS 252   B-Movie Mania and Cult Classic Theatre

NDBS 265   Cinema-Yoga International

NDBS 326   Space Freaks and Science Fiction Geeks

NDBS 413   Cinema Italiano: Neorealism and Beyond
WATCHMEN                                         Saturday June 20th @ 8pm
Dead Poets Society                                Saturday June 27th @ 8pm
Thanks to all who took part in our King Kong Triple-Feature course on aesthetics. After all was viewed and considered one thing seems certain: There's a lot to be gained in studying  beauty.
How would you compare Zack Snyder's film Watchmen with Alan Moore's book of the same name it was based on? How are these two narrative presentations similar, how do they differ, and how do they complement and contrast each other? How and why does Moore's graphic novel represent a breakthrough in storytelling form, structure, and style; what makes his work unique and stand apart from previous literary approaches? Is Moore's work a reflection of post-modern thinking and expression? Feel free to ask these questions and others as we watch Snyder's excellent adaptation of book to screen. Or, simply join us and enjoy this graphic masterpiece for what it is. 
If you could rewrite the story of the Dead Poets Society, or change any events in the movie, what would you have happen instead? Why would we want to change an already great story you ask? Because there's always different ways of doing things. This is an exercise and exploration of doing things differently. So feel free, pick any character and event, and have them do something different.
Space is limited, so reserve your seat by contacting us or calling  ahead at 719-440-5053. And of all...these showings are FREE of charge!

NDBS 101   The Stoner Flick: A Study in Identity, Culture, and Laughter
Here's an icebreaker to help get us started: The plan here is simple enough. We get together on the first Saturday of each month and watch a classic stoner flick. So what qualifies as a "stoner" flick? 

According to guidelines set by the International Society of Cannabis Cinephiles (an admittedly fledgling group with no formal organization or official recognition), a motion picture must include these three basic elements to be considered a stoner flick:

1. The movie must show actual consumption of said product as well as portrayal of its effects.

2. The movie must provide copious quantities of good humor, laughter, and cheer.

3. The movie must be self-reflexive in its use and portrayal of cannabis. In other words, the film makes light of said subject matter. (This debatable third element would exclude films with post-hoc stoner humor like Reefer Madness.)

Each movie is preceded with a quick pre-viewing discussion and followed by an optional post-viewing rap session. Topics might range from cultural analysis (How might stoner identity and public perception be shaped by such movies?) to simple aesthetics (Which stoner flicks are best?).