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Cinema Italiano: Neorealism and Beyond, from Rossellini to Fellini
The Stop Motion Animation of Ray Harryhausen
Whether you're a fan of Italian culture and history, a student with international tastes, or a dedicated cinephile with a passion for the classics, this course is sure to entertain and edify.  Here we begin with the most important films of Italian neorealism directed by Rossellini, De Sica, and Visconti, and end with the more surrealistic works of Federico we'll throw in some Antonioni as well...
Much as I can appreciate and love movies of all types, I have to admit, I am foremost a space freak and science-fiction-fantasy geek. So it's only natural I would want to create an entire curriculum centered around this broad category of filmic exploration. 

This comprehensive survey of the extensive work of stop-motion animation legend and "special effects titan" Ray Harryhausen is the the first step in that direction...
Join A Movie Club!!
Manitou Movie School seeks to create a number of film clubs to suit a variety of interests and tastes. 
These clubs might focus on general genres, specific types, certain directors, particular movements/time periods, etc.:

Science Fiction    -    Space Travel    -    Kubrick

Classic Hollywood     -   Western    -    John Ford

Foreign    -    Japanese    -    French New Wave        

Experimental    -    Reggio    -    Fricke    -    Godard

B-Movies    -    Corman    -    1950s    -    1970s

Musicals    -    Rogers and Hammerstein    -    Astaire

John Barry    -    Ennio Morricone    -    Howard Shore

Of course the possibilities are endless and these are just a few examples and suggestions for film clubs. If you see something here you're interested in or have an idea of your own, give a call here.