Manitou Movie School
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I'm looking for a small crew of kindreds ages 21-39 who will help me produce a variety of projects for public consumption, from formal lectures and seminars, to video productions and stage plays.

If you're interested in joining this select team please review the many projects and proposals presented on this website and consider how you might help bring them to fruition; that is, what skills, talents, and interests would you bring into this thoroughly grassroots mix of school, business, and studio/production center. 

Possessing one or more of the following would be very helpful: AV technical and computer skills; aptitude in business, social media and marketing; acting, performing, and stage/video production; artistic skills in drawing, cartooning, painting, graphic design and comic book making. 

Lastly I would emphasize, if anywhere on this website you see some way I can help you or your business/group that I'm not directly mentioning, please let me know, as I remain open to possibilities beyond the plans I present herein.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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