Manitou Movie School
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At Manitou Movie School we have (potentially at least) an endless variety of film clubs.

For instance, any of the film courses on the right can be converted into a film club by simply adding a bit more casualness and conviviality, and perhaps longevity beyond the usual 13-week course duration. 

In this regard, the following subjects are on the front burner:
History of Film and History on Film (i.e. History of the Sixties on Film)

Space Travel and Sci-Fi Studies (i.e. Space Freaks and Science Fiction Geeks)

International and Global Cinema (i.e. Italian Neorealism to the Spaghetti Western; 
Rossellini to De Sica, and Fellini to Leone)
Fellow film freaks please give a shout and let us know what ya think...
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