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For you smart and curious heads out there, here's a list of topics and courses in the works. Let me know which ones you're interested in pursuing and we'll make it happen...
From Forbidden Planet to Ex Machina: A Philosophical Consideration of Artificial Intelligence, Android Robotics, Simulated Reality Devices, and Fail-Safe Design in Human-Machine Interfacing
Two Popes and Two Priests in Movies & Books: Exploring Modern Changes and Challenges of Christianity and Catholicism through the Perspectives of Popes Benedict and Francis and Priests Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry
Space Ship Considerations for Long-Term Missions: A Six-Week Preliminary Survey of Crew Selection Criteria and Risk Management Regarding Ship Harmony, Violence, and Sex; beginning with three films: The Ninth ConfigurationExperimenter, and Kinsey.
From BuzzFeed's Follow This to Morgan Freeman's The Story of Us: Employing Netflix as a Learning Device and Tool to Promote Global Understanding and Community
Altered States of Consciousness, the Double Helix of Psychosynthesis, and Where Goes All This?