Manitou Movie School Introductions
Manitou Movie School is a one-of-a-kind exploration in education and community-building.

One of our foremost endeavors is to encourage and promote marijuana education, research, support, and networking. Indeed...

Our vision is to create a healthy cannabis-friendly community
Our mission is to...

Provide introductory cannabis courses to anyone interested and involved in this natural medicine--from patients and recreational users, to healthcare providers and budtenders.

Create a safe and comfortable learning environment for cannabis consumers and others to share their experience and expertise.

Realize a holistic and integrated mind-body-spirit approach involving cannabis fitness, a view that sees cannabis as both a remedy in itself as well as a catalyst that helps activate, align, and enhance our ultimate healer within.
How did Manitou Movie School come about?
While our vision and mission involving cannabis provides our starting point, this is neither what we are all about nor the only thing that makes Manitou Movie School unique. 

Beyond our beginning with cannabis, two major components provide the basis of Manitou Movie School's innovative approach to education.

The first of these, as our name suggests, is the school's utilization of movies as a primary means of instruction and springboard to further learning

We use movies this way for a variety of reasons, the foremost being that movies are readily engaging (emotionally and intellectually), they transmit a lot of information in a short amount of time, our minds are built to see and process images more efficiently than written text; and, in an image-saturated culture where learning to "read the screen" becomes increasingly necessary, movies provide an opportunity for students to acquire visual literacy skills. In addition, watching movies together as a class promotes community, a common experience that fosters dialogue and shared understanding.

The second component that makes Manitou Movie School unique is its view and approach to education as a potentially transformative experience. This includes certain practices that encourage student expression and critical thinking, creativity and autonomy, knowledge construction and negotiation, and cooperative project-oriented learning. 

Ultimately, education at Manitou Movie School boils down to exploration--that is, exploring our self as we explore our world.
Beyond Cannabis
The founding of Manitou Movie School is based on my Master's thesis and thus this pilot project is an effort to put theory into practice. More on this in a moment.

But the shortest route to understanding how I came to found a school specializing in cannabis education and research begins here, with this skinniest of resumes:
Dean A. Frankmore

Pharmacist 15 years

CU School of Pharmacy (1996)
Retail Pharmacist (12 years)
Hospice Pharmacist (3 years)

Cannabis consumer over 25 years

This combined experience as a pharmacist and cannabis consumer has allowed the development of a balanced approach to cannabis use rooted in both modern pharmaceutical practice and direct cannabis experience. For the fuller story of how I came to conceive and develop Manitou Movie School and this pilot project, continue here.