Manitou Movie School
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A Foundational Experiment in Re-Working Higher Education and Earning a Living
Acceptance into Manitou Movie School makes you more than a student, it allows you the immediate opportunity to develop and grow your income generating capacity as a contributor to whatever potentially profitable project we may task ourselves with. 

In other words, attending Manitou Movie School is like going to school and getting a job at the same time, though beyond this basic description, things operate very differently for each of these twin endeavors.

As a student of Manitou Movie School you will of course, as per usual with post-secondary education, pay tuition, though at drastically reduced cost (currently $300/term). Think of your tuition as making a commitment and investment in yourself, your school, and whatever project is at hand.

As a contributor to our endeavors, you, like everyone on the team, has the potential to earn income on the projects we commit to produce and market.

The basic idea here is to merge higher education with earning a living, that is, to make attending college and career advancement simultaneous endeavors, each one informing and supporting the other. 

More to follow...