Manitou Movie School
As part of Manitou Movie School's mission of hands-on learning and promoting good business practices, here's an example of a group project whereby the end result could be a potentially marketable product. Far-Out Bedtime Stories with Doctor Greenwich is a series of creative nonfiction/sci-fi/fantasy stories that get their start in our textbook Movies, Marijuana, and Mind.
Found in the third and fourth sections of each chapter of our textbook, as well as the introduction, these stories serve as starter scripts for a sort of graphic novel comic book made by artists of all types; writers, cartoonists, graphic designers, landscape painters, etc.
In keeping with the Movie School's multidisciplinary philosophy, the artists in turn work with business classmates for help in publishing and marketing. As we see it, Far-Out Bedtime Stories could serve multiple roles, from school newsletter to public comic book/magazine.

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