Manitou Movie School
At Manitou Movie School the co-creative process involves building bridges between people of all types, talents, interests, and pursuits. We also encourage cooperation and teamwork across all disciplines, skills, and levels of expertise. Indeed at Manitou Movie School, as with life itself, we see that diversity is key in the co-creative process.

At Manitou Movie School it is our firm belief that over-emphasis in any one area or side of the (epistemological) learning equation is bound to cause problems somehow, somewhere in the human condition and social situation. Objective science alone cannot tell us what it means to be human. It is only through great breadth and balance in education that we can fully see our unique challenges and gifts as human beings and thus come to find ourselves as whole and integrated persons able to face and embrace the great challenges and joys life presents to us now and on the road ahead.
As indicated by the slide on the right, a well-rounded education includes a full spectrum of inquiry, understanding, and experience, and not just inside the classroom, but outside the classroom as well, in both everyday life and in the classroom of Nature in particular.