Manitou Movie School
Seeking Kindreds to Help with Our Mission of Bridge-Building

Manitou Movie School invites you to connect with us through a variety of ongoing projects simple to complex. Some of our current projects include:

    1.  Employing Motion Pictures as Global Connectors

    2.  History of the Sixties on Film

    3.  The Cannabis Fitness Challenge #4

    4.  Pioneering Education at 'the Center'

If you love movies, or have an interest in learning more about them, and from them, getting involved with Manitou Movie School is easy. Just click on any/all of the above projects to see where you might help build a bridge with us. These projects, as with other projects and courses in the works, offer something for everyone regardless of interests, range of experience, and level of expertise. All curious explorers are welcome.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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