Manitou Movie School
Dean's Letter 2020
What is this madness, I now ask myself, as I now ask you at the start of 2020 AD. 

What is this mad dash of the human race? Where is it going and how? 

Let us slow down a bit, perhaps a lot, and consider this most critical question. 

At Manitou Movies School and the Colorado Center for Creative Studies, here's our foremost resolution of 2020, to slow down that we may deeply and thoughtfully consider ourselves and our individual persons and humanity as a whole, where are we going and how?

So too we slow down in order to more fully enjoy life and each other, that we may experience all these great things that life offers both in and out of the office and classroom.

Thus in our slowing down we immediately begin to transform the human race into something else, not merely this mad dash for consumption and immediate gratification, but a deliberate effort to be more human and less machine, to explore and enjoy the great mystery of life, to use our imagination and reason to create the world we wish to see and live in.   

As yin to yang, we go contrary to the dominant way, counter to the mainstream assumption that the faster learner is always better, that the quickest is always best. As slow learners we counter hyperactivity with relaxation, reactiveness with receptiveness, madness with mindfulness, nonstop action with thoughtful reflection, racing with being, and blaming with becoming the change we wish for.

So goes the first and final word of Resolution 2020: Start the New Decade Doing Something New.