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Hello and welcome to Manitou Movie School, I'm Dean Frankmore, the founder of this virtual classroom and learning laboratory ambitiously dedicated to personal and social transformation and creating the type of world we wish to live in. As I see it, change starts here, with the grand exploration of self and world.

Conceived shortly after my leaving the profession of pharmacy 10 years ago, Manitou Movie School is the result of two clashing forces; one, my desire to return to academia and teaching; and two, the stark reality that the conventional academy likely would not have me, or so it would seem, along with a growing realization I wanted little to do with it, at least in its most conventional form.

Thus Manitou Movie School was born of this misfit idealist who enjoys learning about movies, using this most powerful and prevalent medium as a teaching tool and segue to multidisciplinary study, including instruction in visual literacy. Continue...
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for novel experiment in re-inventing education from the ground up
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